Purifan Ceiling Fan Air Purifier Filters


Purifan PA1 Allergy Dust Odor Filter With HEPA And Charcoal

PA1 Allergy Dust Odor Filter

 The HEPA filters out dust mites, mold spores, pollen,  pet dander, light smoke and odors.

$39.95 Per Set 

Purifan PA2 Heavy Smoke And Odor Filter

PA2 Heavy Smoke And Odor Filter

Double charcoal and Potassium for heavy smoke and eye burning chemicals from smoke and odors

$44.95 Per Set

Purifan PA3 Smoke And Odor Filter

PA3 Heavy Smoke And Odor Filter

Triple charcoal for strong smoke and odors and a high-performance pre-filter for long filter life reduces dust.

$44.95 Per Set

Purifan PA4 Light Smoke And Odors

PA4 Light Smoke And Odor Filter

One layer of Activated Charcoal with a high-performance pre-filter.  Reduces dust and pet dander.

$34.95 Per Set


There are many reasons why so many people shop our large selection of Purifan replacement filters.  For one, our Purifan filters remove a variety of contaminants from the air.  Odors, smoke, dust, allergens, pet dander are just a few examples.  Individuals who use our replacement filters enjoy peace of mind knowing the air they breath is clean.  This is especially true if a family member sufferers from allergies or asthma.

Another reason why people shop our online inventory of Purifan filters is the variety of filters available to Purifan customers.  We have HEPA filters for allergies, dust and odors, charcoal for smoke and all types of odors, potassium for heavy odors/fumes of all types.  In short, our Purifan filter selection has something to meet the needs of every customer.  Lowest price for Purifan replacement filters.

Purifan ceiling fan air purifier is truly the most efficient and flexible air purifier on the market today.  The Purifan smoke eater ceiling fans used with the PA2PA3 Or PA10 smoke eater filter will remove the smoke, odor and eye burning chemicals associated with cigarette and cigar smoke.  The PA10 has a combination of charcoal, potassium, HEPA and a high-performance pre-filter for difficult areas of your home or business where smokers congregate.  The PA10 has become our most popular all-in-one filter for clean air year round when allergy season arrives the HEPA filter will collect pollen, mold and mildew spores, ragweed, dust and other irritants.  The PA10 is truly a multi-purpose, heavy-duty filter.

Purifan Smoke And Odor Eater Filters

Activated charcoal is the key ingredient for a good smoke and odor filter, add potassium to the mix and you have a super filter, a charcoal filter alone will remove smoke and odor but will NOT remove all the associated chemicals like the kind found in cigarettes, cigars, and vapes e-cigs (eye burning chemicals) by adding a potassium layer to the charcoal you now have a filter that will remove them.  The Purifan PA2 and PA10 have charcoal and potassium making them a perfect filter for smoke and or odors of all types.

All Purifan filters are made in the U.S.A.