Purifan Allergy Filters

Purifan Allergy Filters

Purifan PA1

HEPA And Charcoal

The PA1 filters out,

pollen, mold and mildew, dust mites, pet dander, odors, light smoke, dust, and fumes.

Purifan PA1 PROPurifan PA1 PRO

HEPA And Charcoal



The Pa1 PRO has the same material as the PA1 except the PRO has a layer of tacky (blue) material that filters out super fine dust.


Purifan PA5 Germicide Dust Odor Filter

Purifan PA5

HEPA Germicide Double Charcoal

Virus, Bacteria, Pollen, mole and mildew, heavy odors, moderate smoke, dust, pet dander and more.

Purifan PA10 All-In-One Filter

Purifan PA10

HEPA Double Charcoal Potassium High-Performance Pre-Filter

The Purifan PA10 All-In-One Filter

Purifan Allergy Dust Odor Filters

The Purifan allergy dust odor filters are true HEPA with activated charcoal and a high-performance pre-filter, the HEPA material will remove allergens like pollen, ragweed, pet dander, dust mites, mold and mildew and more.  The charcoal will help remove dust, odors of all types, smoke, chemicals fumes and more.  The pre-filter will collect larger airborne particles and extending the life of your HEPA and charcoal filter.

Purifan Allergy Filters


Purifan PAF- GRM filter consist of Antimicrobial  Polyester, HEPA, Potassium Permanganate And Double Charcoal….Meaning This Is The Most Powerful Purifan Replacement Filter Ever Built!  The Purifan PA 5 is packed with antimicrobial polyester, HEPA, Potassium Permanganate And Double Charcoal and to extend the life of the filter we added a high-performance multi-fiber pre filter.  The pre-filter will capture larger air bourn particles before they get to the main filters thus keeping your primary filters working at 100% efficiency and maximum air flow, the Purifan PA5 will help you, and your family breathe a little better with clean, fresh air.

Purifan Allergy Filters


This product is worth its weight in gold. It eliminates pet odor, smoke and allergens that fill my home when the window are open. I purchased two filter packs, one in the family room and one in the bedroom. Crisp, clean air in the bedroom! I recommend the Purifan pa5 all in one product highly.

– Chris