Purifan Smoke Eater Filter

Purifan Smoke Eater Filter

The Purifan PA2 extreme smoke and odor eater filter has a combination of potassium permanganate and activated charcoal, the two layers of charcoal remove smoke, odors, and other pollutants in the air,  the layer of potassium permanganate helps absorb more odors and chemicals from cigarettes and cigars that charcoal alone cannot remove.  The Purifan Smoke Eater Filter Gets The Job Done.

The PA3 heavy smoke and odor eater filter has three layers of activated charcoal for heavy smoke and odor environments, because of the extra charcoal it can keep up under heavy usage.

The Purifan PA10 All-In-One Purifan Smoke Eater Filter is a combination of three of our most popular filter, the pa1, pa2, and pa3 you have (5) five filters in one, a layer of charcoal, potassium, HEPA and a second layer of dense charcoal.  The PA10 is the most powerful ceiling fan air purifier filter on the market today and has taken the guessing game out of choosing the right filter for your needs, Allergens, pollen, dust, smoke and odors, pet dander, mold, mildew and many more undesirables in your air.

NOTE: All Purifan Smoke Eater Filters have a high-performance multi-fiber pre-filter for extending the life of the filter.


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